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Business performance management entails reviewing the overall business performance and determining how the business can better reach its goals.

Claptek's Business Performance Management solutions makes sense out of current and historical performance data to improve future performance and decision making.
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Business Performance Management consists of items that offer a comprehensive Performance Management Solution for Organizations with the Decision Sciences. As an application item, this offers the total performance management across different space regions for various Industries.

It guarantees that the knowledge for decisions, be it with no guarantees, prescient or prescriptive, depends on totally right information bound together and displayed by a developed space explicit data model. The right data is the reason for the right insight and the right direction. It empowers proficiency in each space with the pinpointed solution as opposed to a wilderness of analysis.

Make your intelligence exact, significant and collaborative advanced with decision sciences, space and principles. We offer the best Business Performance Management enables you to succeed in your strength – Be it your cycle model, your operational capacity, your planning skill, your innovation or your development.

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Business Performance Management is a real-time system that alert managers to potential opportunities, impending problems, and threats, and then empowers them to react through models and collaboration.


Claptek’s Business Performance Management helps to better communicate and execute business strategy at all levels and gain greater visibility into organisational performance.


Fosters a two-way exchange of ideas and information, both vertically between levels within an organisation and horizontally among departments.


Increased focus on driving business results since all goals are aligned which promotes year-round focus on attaining profitability.


Opens new doors for market opportunities, identify operational problems before they escalate out of control and suggests corrective actions.

Claptek’s Business Performance Management – Key Capabilities


Real-time com­mu­ni­ca­tion to build healthy rela­tion­ships with col­leagues and man­agers.


Fully customisable reporting based on performance evaluation needs.


Strong data security and protection to secure granular data about individual employees.


Create measurable goals and align them with business objectives of your organisation.


Gather 360-degree feedback from peers, reportees, vendors, and more.


Spot under-performers and act timely towards performance improvement plans.

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Our Solution Render

Claptek BPM

Other BPM

Model-driven application with prebuilt solution  templates for performance management and incremental adaptability

More than 3000 KPI/KRAs already configured in the solution

Unified view of enterprise data

Allows for the creation of a golden copy of data

Ability to integrate both real-time and warehouse data to cater to the needs of operational business intelligence

Ability to publish information back to transactional applications

Right and usable intelligence, be it AI or BI

All the necessary BI stack available in a single solution

Faster time to value & lower total cost of ownership

We have solutions for organisations of all sizes


Pure play solutions for small businesses


Compliance-oriented solutions for mid-sized businesses


Integrated risk management solutions for enterprises

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