Data-driven Audit

Many businesses are seeking strategies to both attract and keep talent. Effective strategies for luring and keeping employees include offering flexible scheduling options, competitive pay, and similar activities. Another strategy to increase the appeal of the profession to potential employees is to conduct data-driven audits.

Many professionals may believe and they do that data-driven audits bring value to clients. A data-driven audit, however, also helps auditors because it lessens the most tedious aspects of their jobs and makes them more productive while maintaining and enhancing audit quality.

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Automate the accounts assessment process, Leverage data to provide business intelligence, improve the security of accounts data and much more.

For organizations looking to enhance the Accounts Assessments process, VUEFRAME A3 is the solution that enables management to automate the process through secured browser-based applications, leverage the various reports and dashboards to gain business intelligence and improve the efficiency of auditors.

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VUEFRAME Advanced TPRM Solution is a comprehensive framework designed to help your organization leverage digital power to effectively manage processes and meet strategic goals.

Claptek’s VUEFRAME Advanced TPRM solution exponentially increases the efficiencies and effectiveness of your TPRM life cycle by analysing data for exceptions and making intelligent inferences.

The primary benefit of VUEFRAME is that it automates task assign and sends it directly to business users saving Centralized Team time to follow-up.

Gets you control of the complete TPRM lifecycle through a consolidated system making it easy to manage the end-to-end TPRM process.

Supports better decision-making by identifying emerging risks, documenting the full trail of activity and improving transparency & collaboration.

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Capital Market

The Capital Markets product line helps countries create strong capital markets that can support economic expansion and monetary stability. This support entails helping to develop markets for deep and liquid government bonds, markets and products for corporate financing (such as equity and corporate bonds), as well as products and solutions to mobilise financing for strategic sectors like infrastructure, housing, and SMEs, including financing for innovation (including through the development of a PE and VC ecosystem), and derivatives markets as a whole.

NBFI industries are incredibly different, going from enormous global companies to small, independent organizations that offer financial services just as an auxiliary part of their essential business. The scope of items and services offered and the client bases served by NBFIs, are similarly assorted. Because of this variety, some NBFIs might be at lower risk and some might be at higher risk for money laundering

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