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COVID-19: Managing Risks & Sedating Impacts

Causing devastation and destruction all across the globe, the deadly pandemic has struck the entire world and is rising at a fatal pace. Though it originated from the Wuhan city of China, there isn’t a single nation that is free from the virus today. Spreading like an uncontrolled fire, novel Coronavirus is everywhere.

Not only lives but also the economy is under serious threat. The need to completely shut down everyday activities has put the entire world in a state of morose. It’s pretty woeful to see such a situation, but how do we help?


True that we are no doctors, health workers or the medical staff. We like the rest, belong to the common population. So, what is that we can do to sustain the situation and even make it better?

Our role in COVID-19 Scare

Being responsible citizens, we are all staying indoors to prevent the spread. But that’s not enough. The virus has had a detrimental impact on the business world and our organization is no less.

Facing severe jetlag, we have now come up with a set of novel guidelines that would help us and all our employees to fight and manage the COVID-19 risk. Even though the situation is totally new, we are all set to face it and adapt to the changing times. Tested tools and dedicated solutions are now the crucial parts of our enterprise.

This COVID-19 motivated guideline is for all our risk managers, professionals, staff and the organization leaders who would then under its influence, prevent or mitigate risks to restore the business operations during such a critical event.

Focusing On Core Principles: Our Approach to Fight Novel Coronavirus

Our entire organization is together in such tough times and has taken measures to ensure the safety of all.

First: Workforce Health

Worried, or let’s say concerned about the health of our workforce, we have taken stringent steps to ensure work safety and employee security.

As the entire nation is doomed to stay at home, we too are bound to follow the same. Under no circumstances, do our employees have to step out for work. We have ensured remote working for all, providing them with all relevant tools and technologies, needed to function effectively. We have equipped their home devices with all the necessary hardware and software followed by dedicated platforms to initiate updates and reports.

Second: Remote Productivity

Even though work from home isn’t something new and our employees have been in the habit of staying away from offices and working remotely. What makes this different is that our entire work is now remote. Previously, our 5-10% workforce used to work from remote, that too – changeably. Each and everyone needs to collaborate remotely to ensure work efficiency and adhere to the projected timelines.

Thankfully, we are happy to see an active collaboration of all across the enterprise. Even though work from home isn’t easy given the current situation, the panic and the havoc created, our employees have done a commendable job. We have daily meetings where everyone is seen to contribute their share and it’s great to see that everyone has adjusted to this new culture.

Third: Customer-First

Even though all our business operations have been disrupted, we continue to adhere to the needs and requests of our customers. We, at Claptek, have taken measures to reconnect to all our customers and have notified them about the fact that they can continue using our services. Even though the business has slowed down a bit, our employees are trying their best to get things aligned and back to track. We are working day and night to answer all the support tickets.

The business has definitely been gloomy but we are expecting some new projects in the upcoming times.

Fourth: Collaboration with Third-Party Vendors

It is not just the employees and the customers but we also have deep connectivity with software vendors. And in tough times such as these, we expect total support and collaboration from them. We are well versed in the fact that the supply chain has faced tremendous repercussions of the virus, yet we are continuous communication with our partners, helping them mitigate risks and face challenges better.

As a humane gesture, we have extended our support towards them.

Fifth: Contingency Plans

True that the aftermath of the disease isn’t predictable as of now. However, one thing is for sure: many small-sized organizations, maybe even the MSMEs might face serious financial issues in the long run. Keeping this in mind, our financial experts are scrutinizing the situation to see if we can close some major deals.

We are sure the falling revenues would bounce back but the timeline is blurred. To keep our cash-flow steady, we are into the process of drafting contingency plans.

Sixth: Uninterrupted Communication

Whether it is the day to day work, employee meet-ups or customer collaboration, communication is the key. To aid frictionless interaction and undisputed communication within and outside the organization, we have embedded C-SUITE software, virtual rooms, and other platforms to keep everyone on the same page.

Both internal and external communication is kept open and we facilitate every interaction and updates from all our departments. As far as the customer support team is concerned, we have hosted solutions to adhere to all our customer’s requests and responses. Our partners are also kept informed about the weekly progress ensuring nothing is left behind. In a way, we have everything aligned riding on the work from home culture.

Seventh: Security is atop

Setting up communication lines, business software and facilitating remote work, our organization has done all. What’s kept aside till now was security. Unlike our office environment, not everyone’s home network is secured and protected. Even if it is, it would not map the scale of encryption embedded in our organizational infrastructure.

To deal with this, we have employed strict protocols and anything accessed from the office infrastructure is done via virtual networks to abide by the security norms. Routine checks are conducted to detect any plausible threat when it comes to our personnel with a visible health issue and measures are adopted at the earliest. For us, privacy stands uncompromised and we are doing all that’s needed to shield our business.

Eight: Plan B in Hand

And at the end, we have meticulously studied the current situation and are in the process of having a plan B in hand, so if anything goes wrong, we would not find ourselves muddled in the sea.

Even though we have taken all possible measures to keep our business afloat, things might change and for the bad. We are trying our best to keep our customers, employees and partners aligned. We have been open to all conversations, reacting and responding at the earliest, yet we know our limits and hence are prepared to face all.

The Final Word

In the end, we simply wish that everyone who is part of our organization stays safe. Things might go bad, work might get delayed but there isn’t anything above and beyond the health. We prioritize everybody’s safety and pledge to remain connected in such critical situations. Members of our organization aren’t just workers but we are a family and we stand by the needs of all.

Stay home, stay safe!

Our teams are here
to help you lead into the future